Thursday, October 8, 2009

my way of staying sane

These are things I remind myself all the time:

Go to a place of inspiration at least once a week. For me it's the bar. No really, having a nice beer and people watching gets my creative flow going.

Get out of college mode, breaks are needed, and so is sleep, haha.

Don't look at blogs repeatedly all day long. The visual overload 24-7 will make you batshit.

Don't check your email every five minutes. It can wait, and you should learn to be patient anyway young grasshopper.

Listen to a book or tv show (one you've seen already) while working instead of music to switch it up. And when listening to music, seek new bands all the time. (Listening to my same old playlist makes me crazy.)

I think illustrators biggest problem is staying in the studio too much. If we never leave our studio, we will just keep drawing the same shit and beating the same ideas. An illustrators lifestyle can be very unhealthy. Kind of like obsessed gamers. We sit on internet and idolize other artists and imagine things about the world falsely, haha. I think it's super important to mingle with other humans and keep in touch with reality. Or at least keep Ichat on, ha. Plus your limbs get tired from being hunched over all the time and that makes your mood crappy, so move!

And thats Watts Mcgee signing out.

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Jordie Bellaire said...

Stalk-Blogging is kind of addicting, it's true.