Monday, November 16, 2009


here's some doodles and shit for ya: 

I got a new watercolor moleskine (my first) and am enjoying it so far.

(Don't mind the heavy Daniel Adel influence in the last one)


Kenny Callicutt said...

some fun things going on in that middle one.

Andrew R. Wright said...

These are cool sketchbook pages man. Nothing wrong with having an influence on an image (especially when its in a sketchbook).

My only suggestion is to maybe use a little less water and more pigment. Scope Andrew Wyeth's watercolors and how he uses the darks. A lot of times the actual object he is painting are in the value range of 3-4 with an 8-9 fleshing out the rest of the picture (or vise versa). Having that value jump solidifies the picture. Here is one of my favorites:
I actually prefer this study to the final image.

Great posts on the VLP, by the way.

Aaron Rossell said...

I've always been a huge wuss with any wet media. I've developed a habit of doing mostly water-wash over mostly water-was until the effect is there, but yeah--I need to just get more paint on the palette. Thanks for the advice, man!