Monday, November 16, 2009

Flash back sequence

Criticism is very welcome.


Aaron Rossell said...

These are really sweet, Kenny. Very good flow between the stills--great use of simple color palette too. If there's anything I might suggest, it could be to be a bit more selective or even minimal with pure whites. Everyone kind of looks like they're glowing--which works graphically well sometimes, but is a bit distracting when there are conflicting light sources. Keep posting these!

Kenny Callicutt said...

Great crit! Thanks man, Im sitting down to a couple new pages tonight.

Andrew R. Wright said...

Hey Kenny, this is a cool gig you have.

To add to what Aaron said, maybe be a little more selective on your values all together. They are spread out fairly evenly now, which makes it hard to find a focus. Instead, place your darkest darks and lightest lights where the focal point is supposed to be and let your midtones form the rest of the picture. I can't help but think of the way Mignola designs his pictures.

Also, although I am not a comic guy, I still look at the design of the page as a whole. It might be useful to think of the overall value of each panel in relation to the rest of the page. It can help with the flow. A lighter page will make for a faster read whereas a darker page will make for a heavy dramatic read.

Your color choices for the pages have been spot on. I can't see them any other way.

I hope all is well man!

Dan said...

Great work. Thank you for being open to critique. My comments are more about layout. On the first page I feel that the last panel could have been strengthened with some tightening up. For example, you've led up to an emotional high point, but the king's distance from the camera has stayed the same as the panel before. Also, the older lady and his wife are in similar poses, so the impact of the king and wife's tender moment gets diminished (you've shown it to us already). Also in that last shot more overlap of characters would help. There are 2 men on either side of a door, but they barely overlap it (watch out for tangents). Also, placing that man between the 2 characters does interrupt the "connection" they are sharing. Similarly the 3 people behind the bed do not overlap, so their scale is confusing.

The second page has 4 panels that essentially share 2 layouts. When identifying Maran, you could have flopped him so it doesn't look like he's the same baby with a tighter close-up.Visually it is a more interesting flow, and gives Maran his own "moment." For the last 2 panels, the king gets shorter in the last panel, and again the camera is not being maximized to tell the story. When his friend mentions the years ahead, the camera could focus on either of them to heighten the dialogue.

I've heard the suggestion of taking the dialogue away and seeing how far your visuals will tell the story. This is basically what I'm trying to say as well. But the work you've put into this is obvious and it does look great. Keep going! Thanks again for being open to critique.

Kenny Callicutt said...

Whoa, great crit guys. Really appreciate you taking the time. I have been digesting all the feedback I've been getting, hope the next few pages show it.