Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey Strangers! I'mma dump some sketch.

Been moving towns, and finishing projects and a myriad of other time-sucking things that keep me from my sketchbook. On the plus side I've been refocusing on more observational work and figure drawing. Big thanks to Francis Vallejo, who came up with the great idea of putting jpeg nudes in a timed slideshow. I've been saving 15 bucks a week and drawing much better looking models.

I also had the opportunity to draw some dope burlesque models at an event my buddy, Frank Stockton (people have heard him for some reason), knew about.
He even did a lil ditty in my book. I think he dug my brushpen.

And here are some more straightforward sketchbook pages of my girlfriend's pitbull, and my family. Both enjoy spending time on the floor.

I spent some time playing with Yupo paper again. Still one of the strangest surfaces to paint on. I used the ugliest model I could find at 4am to do some lighting studies in watercolor.

Lastly, I had the chance to speak to a kindergarten class about drawing animals. After the talk, I did some requests out of my head of the more popular animals. You may notice the chimp looks a bit exasperated... possibly similar to how I looked when the whole class requested I draw a tiger out of my head.
...Then I requested some of my own.
Thanks for reading,


LOOKA said...

GREAT POST! I love the variety in the drawings and the jokes. Fine to read with a nice bow to it.

serge foglio said...

Amazing sketches
very lively.

I specially adore the inked ones...
it carries so much memories.


Tyler Schatz said...

great fun dude, the timed slideshow drawing is a great tool indeed

that yupo paper is pretty whacky to fool around with also - i really like the one on the top left in the last image!

Bakkanekko said...

Awwh! Pitbull! I should draw mine too oneday <33

Rob Chandler said...

Great work, out of curiosity how long are you setting the timer on those slideshow drawings?

Scott Brundage said...

I think of the ones shown here, the longest is 15min for the more developed ones.

As usual, though, my favorite is that simplified seated figure. That was 10min and had probably the least amount of fussing.

Lamar Mathurin said...

killer stuff! keepin coming!

Rich Pellegrino said...

great variety. i like the portraits.