Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gallery show with Willy Wonka, Walter Sobchak, Ash Williams


Here are three new paintings made for Gallery 1988’s cult classic themed group show, Crazy4Cult in July. The opening is July 9th and I’m very happy to say that I’ll be making the trip over from Rhode Island for the opening. If anybody is in the area and wants to get down on some sketching or whatever I’d love to get in touch. I’ll be in LA til Tuesday night and then back to the east coast. Oh I almost forgot… Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are going to be there hosting the opening. You can’t miss this one.

More info and sketches on my blog.

Gouache on Hardboard


Gouache on Hardboard


“Mr. Sobchak”
Gouache on Hardboard


A shot in their epic frames.


Tin Salamunic said...

Man, these are beautiful! Tho Goodman piece is sick. good ol' Lebowski, what a great movie! :)

drewscape said...

love your painting style!

Rich Pellegrino said...

i loved lebowski.
thanks guys

Lamar Mathurin said...

very nice man. I love the top one the most. the color choices are amazing. keep it up man!

LOOKA said...

Oh my man! You did it again - no stopping the RICH!

Chris Whetzel said...


Raul Allen said...

Really nice paintings!
cool movies and cool dudes.
Have fun at the show!

Orlando Sanchez said...

I love these!!!!

Rich Pellegrino said...

thanks for the love guys. very happy to hear you dig em!

Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

oh my gosh these are fantastic!!!!!!!!

Rich Pellegrino said...

Thanks Aaron!

Matt Soffe said...

Just stumbled across this Wonka portrait and I had to stop and comment - absolutely love it and I hope it went down well at the exhibition :)