Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to the Future Gallery1988 Release

Katie and Jensen over at Gallery 1988 asked me to create a series of paintings for a special holiday release (Thanks guys!!). We all loved Back to the Future so here we are! If you're in the LA area stop in and check out they're upcoming Stan-Up Comedy themed show opening next month. I saw the artist line-up and it is killer.

Click here to these paintings on Gallery 1988's site.

"Marty McFly"
gouache, ink, watercolor, and acrylic on hardboard

"Doc Brown" 5x7
gouache, ink, watercolor, and acrylic on hardboard

There was a limited edition of 100 prints created for these special holiday releases.
More info here:


Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

whoa that's some seriously heavy shit!

Tin Salamunic said...

holy crap. The best version of doc I've ever seen. This is so awesome! :)

Rich Pellegrino said...

aaron, i tend to eat a lot on work days.

thanks tin!

gumkid said...

This is beautiful stuff man. Marty Mcfly!!!!!

Chris Whetzel said...

Ha ha! Great colors!