Monday, June 22, 2009


So Mr. Tyler was on a boat and I ended up on a mountain - this is where these drawings are from. They all happened pretty quick, it was way good to just knock them out. It's huge fun drawing outside, having all the different things you're interested in buzzing around your pad.
I'm also granted one fifth of the pencil power on the mighty DAS. So I will hopefully have one of the topics I've thought about in the next weeks, presented here for you to fill with your wonderful stuff. I guess you can count on it to be all nature-y related.

I have been drawing with some "PAPER MATE - FLAIR" PENS to get a feel for a tool that allows a stable line - in comparison to sable brushes that allow a wide range of different effects and where you have to really choose what you will do with it. I remember the pen to be quite demanding too but basically more around using it for lines. I'm thinking about using pens and ink for sketching instead of markers. One reason being the durability of the drawing. But for now I want to get more used to this different thing.


andreas schuster said...

great drawings, i really love the first one.
what pentel pen was it? do you know if the ink is waterproof?

looka said...

Thanks for the compliments Andreas! Likewise, likewise. I real dig your drawing - from pencil to ink to color all very pleasing and energetic.

looka said...

The pens are the PAPERMATE "FLAIR" type, thanks for bringing me to that - they look pretty alike the "signpen" Series from Pentel, I kinda overlooked that because I got them from leftovers at a drawing session.

I've tried it and the ink on mine is not waterproof, another thing... that will make me go for pen and ink anytime soon.

Adam Tamte Volker said...

sup looka,

is the 'papermate flair' a brush tip? Have you ever drawn with a 'pentel pocketbrush'? The pocket brushes are wicked slick, we call um Hatori Hansos out here cause they might was well be samurai swords. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your topic.


looka said...

Hey Tamte,
Thanks for the suggestion on those, I have seen them around before. They look more pleasant than the usual brushpen. I need to check them out and will let you know here what I could do with them. "...Hanzo" Hahhaha! I enjoy that!

I always have a thing with brush pens else, because they are quite different to use from the real brushes. And I didn't get into them any further for some years now.

The FLAIR is a felt tip! You can see them here, under the "Felt Pens" label:

I couldn't link to those directly!