Monday, October 19, 2009


HEYA! So here is HULK! I did this whacky round thing for a convention last month, the other one is just for you.

A little biased Marvel history for the inclined reader:
In the 90's Marvel was serving fans pretty bad (----> see: Bigshot "artists" leaving for the creation of Image Comics). The Comics were mostly dry slap offs of good ones they had done before (----> see: KIRBY, DITKO, ROMITA, BUSCEMA, STARLIN... and on and on) but they had ripped off most of those people that had made them big in the decades gone by. So Marvel was heading for a major bumride back then.
How they made it back to produce original stuff like OMEGA and ULTIMATES and CRIMINAL and got cats like Matt Fraction to work for 'em? I don't know, I stopped reading them eversince...

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