Monday, May 10, 2010


OK, OK! Some more ruff and touff doodles.

When I think Marvel, I think JACK KIRBY first. What he brought up and that all we enjoy now is built on the foundation of the Artists of that time, artist like him. Really strong and powerfull stuff, kicks you in the butt and makes you think. A real trailblazer who did an infinite number of drawings and PAGES, knocked them out, his mind there 24/7. Loving it till the last drop.

It's fun to do something quick and small, makes the hand wonder where it's sureness went, hahahaa.

Also, some more Gene Colan DRACULA! He kept on doing his thing with TOMB OF DRACULA, issue after issue, on and on, a true burner.

Wolverine to end it, BYE!


Tyler Schatz said...

i love love love the small ones!!

these are all fantastic!

kirby is indeed an animal not from this universe

LOOKA said...

You know I'm just foolin' ;D

Yeah, he's the TERMINATOR of all boredom.

Lamar Mathurin said...

these look awesome brother

LOOKA said...

Thanks my man, thanks a LOT infact!