Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Learning, learning, learning... the more the better. I have long hesitated to just break into the tips and curves that make the look of the sable brush - relying on it more for it's precision (...and all the unforgiving mess ups...) it enables. But I figured I wanna learn this stuff, since all of that classic inking of the likes of CANIFF, MARSH and TOTH really turns me on AND I wanted to catch a glimpse of how that works just purely out of interest. Of course, that's a path not thread lightly, as these are the masters of Comics, each one of them a hallmark of their own, their greatness cemented by thousands of fantastic drawings.

So I'm just foolin' and having fun with my humble stumblings and onwards I go.
Another thing that I detect would be, that I'm applying some of the lines/techniques my friend SAM HITI brought to Killer hights... that makes me even more uncomfortable, but I hope this to be only a cough that will pass, a demon, quickly driven out by more healthy drawing and thinking.

So, ta! ...And THANKS for reading all that!

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